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June 2018
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Today's lesson will test you on everything you've learned over the past four weeks.
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The remaining irregular verbs in the future tense.
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Irregular verbs in the future tense.
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Forming the future tense of regular verbs and when to use the future.
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The second part of your revision session, testing you on what you've learned to date in the VERBcast.
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The first of two review shows which will test your knowledge of everything you've learned so far.
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Test your knowledge of the imperfect tense with an interactive quiz.
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Looking at our list of irregular verbs in the imperfect - and discovering that they're not very irregular!
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Looking at -ir and -re verbs in the imperfect tense.
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Introducing the imperfect tense and when it's used.

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More verbs in the perfect tense in today's lesson.

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Today you'll learn to conjugate a number of verbs in the perfect tense, all of which use avoir as the auxiliary verb.
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Forming the perfect tense and forming the past participles of regular verbs.
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Our final set of irregular verbs in the present tense will be covered today: sortir, partir, venir and also the derivatives of venir.
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We've already covered savoir, one of the verbs meaning 'to know', and today we'll learn how to conjugate the other one, connaître. Also in today's programe are mettre and croire, together making three more common irregular verbs. You'll be pleased to know that tomorrow's verbs will be the last of our 20 irregular verbs before we move onto different tenses!
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Week 1: Friday. The fifth edition of the VERBcast covers four more irregular verbs: dire, écrire, dormir and prendre. We also cover comprendre as a derivative of prendre.
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Week 1: Thursday. This fourth edition of the VERBcast covers another three irregular verbs: vouloir, pouvoir and savoir and teaches the present tense of these verbs through relaxation techniques.
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Week 1: Wednesday. The third edition of the VERBcast introduces you to four irregular verbs, four of the most common irregular verbs! You'll learn avoir, être, faire and aller.
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Week 1: Tuesday. In the second edition of the VERBcast you will cover regular -ir and -re verbs. The example verbs used are finir and vendre. The VERBcast will help you to get to grips with a range of regular and irregular verbs over a four-week period.
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Week 1: Monday. This first edition of the VerbCast includes an introduction to verbs and covers regular -er verbs in the present tense using "parler" as an example.
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